that builds trust


We aim to set agendas. To change conversations. To influence the behaviour of others. And to shape meaningful decisions of all kinds. Decisions that cause millions of people to change their habits. Decisions that bring thousands of items into an online shopping cart or decisions that alter a company's behavior, conduct, and presence.

For more than twenty years, companies and organisations have trusted us with the most valuable asset they have: Their reputation.

Primetime was founded in 2001. Today, we are one of Denmark’s largest communication agencies. Since the beginning, we have advised a wide range of companies and organisations about their strategic and communicative approach to the world around them. We contribute to strengthening their reputation. And we ensure trust between the organisations and their most central stakeholders – internally and externally.

We are a full-service agency with a holistic approach to communication.

Originally, Primetime was a classic PR and PA agency. Over time, we have grown and developed. Today, we provide core competencies within all communication disciplines in-house. We are more than 60 employees with different backgrounds and abilities. Our skills range from creativity, campaigns, digital, and branding to insights, corporate communication, issue management, public relations, and public affairs.

Primetime is Edelman’s Danish affiliate.

Edelman is the world’s largest PR agency with approx. 5.000 employees in 67 countries. Primetime is a part of Edelman and its representative in the Danish market. Each year, Edelman publishes a barometer on the public’s trust in significant social institutions across countries. Through our many years of collaboration with Edelman, we have thus achieved an in-depth understanding of how trust influences people’s perception of the world. And since 2021, we have published a corresponding barometer for the Danish population. Therefore, we have profound knowledge of how trust binds our society together in Denmark. A knowledge that exists as both a business prerequisite and a unique resource for organisations and companies.